* We treat our employees with fairness and respect, and create an enjoyable working atmosphere that inspires loyalty and dedication
* We follow the philosophy that our customers are our first priority, and ensure that all of our personnel are well-trained in providing reliable, timely and efficient customer service
*As successful entrepreneurs, we are committed and we want to be recognised and strive to be considered as a responsible business leader in the community. We have an innate urge to attain a goal or satisfy a need.



Factors which can help assure the Company’s success can be defined as follows:

maintain the highest level of quality and reliability at the best possible price;
provide flexible options and full service to our customers, to ensure as much repeat business as possible



The Company has identified the following risk factors which could hamper its success, and has developed contingency plans to deal with these factors. Difficulty in locating suitable space to lease. Currently, the Company is operating from home. We are continuing to explore possible lease locations, which fall within our budget requirements. We are considering several options, including sharing a kitchen facility with another business in order to lower costs for both businesses. Compatible businesses, such as a bakery, would complement rather than compete for business and would have different production schedules and kitchen requirements.



The Company’s outside consultants and professional advisors provide tremendous input and support to enable management to make well-informed, creative and appropriate decisions.


The Company has developed and continues to develop strategic alliances with related businesses such as party rental facilities, liquor suppliers, invitation shops and event planners. Through our relationship with rental venues, we will receive referrals through the preferred provider lists of organizations who use the venues.


We also cross-train staff to ensure that a maximum number of staff can perform the same job and still provide consistency. The company plans to incorporate youth for development, nurturing and continuity of our vision